What’s your Superstar Status?

In the skincare universe, retinoids are a superpower. This hero anti-ageing ingredient is revered for its unparalleled ability to renew skin, diminish fine lines, and brighten skin, with its transformative effects rooted in science.

The problem is, trying to understand the various forms and concentrations of retinoids can often feel like charting a course through a complex galaxy! With concerns about dryness, redness, peeling, and the purging phase, many struggle to know which retinoid is right for them.

Our simplified 2-product retinoid system is tailored to meet the needs of individuals at every stage of their retinoid journey. Superstar and Superstar+ combine fast-acting, non-irritating vitamin A with a healing blend of nourishing natural oils to dramatically improve skin texture, tone, and clarity for brighter, firmer, smoother skin. 

Read on to cut through the confusion and find the Superstar that aligns with your skin’s  unique needs.

The journey into retinoids often begins with a question: when is the right time to introduce them into my skincare routine? 

Generally, incorporating retinoids in your mid-20s can be beneficial, as this is when natural collagen production begins to slow down. Starting early can preemptively combat fine lines and wrinkles, but the “right” age varies based on individual skin concerns and goals.

Choosing between Superstar and Superstar+ depends on where you stand in your retinoid journey right now.

If you’re new to the world of retinol, Superstar is your go-to choice. It’s crafted with a 0.2% concentration of active retinoid, making it a gentle introduction for those just starting out or with sensitive skin. This formula is specifically designed for:

-Individuals with skin prone to sensitivity
-Retinol beginners

On the other hand, if you’re already using retinol and looking to maintain or level-up results, Superstar+ is the upgrade you need. With a potent 1% active retinoid, this advanced formula is perfect for those who:

-Have previously seen positive results with retinoid
-Are ready to advance to a higher level of retinoid use
-Want to maintain results achieved from prescription-strength retinol treatments.

Both formulations are powered by Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate (HPR), a next-generation retinoid that delivers fast retinol benefits minus the common side effects of irritation and sensitivity.

How to layer Superstar in your routine

Incorporating Superstar or Superstar+ into your skincare routine is simple. Use a single pump as the final step in your nighttime regimen, ensuring your skin is cleansed and toned. Start with twice-weekly application, and build up frequency as your skin adapts, always listening to its needs.

Retinoids often bring up lots of questions, especially if you’re new to them or thinking about switching from another brand. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide for frequent concerns:

Concentration: 0.2% HPR


Retinol Beginners

Sensitive Skin


Gentle overnight skin renewal

Minimises pores and dark spots

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles


Concentration: 1% HPR


Mature Skin

Skin already used to retinoids and ready for higher concentration

To maintain results following prescription-strength retinol treatment


Intense overnight skin rejuvenation

Dramatically resurfaces the complexion

Visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Common retinoid questions

I’m transitioning from another brand. Which Superstar should I choose?

Switch to Superstar

We recommend starting with the lower potency Superstar to allow your skin to adapt to a new formulation. Progress to Superstar+ once your skin is comfortable.

I use Superstar. Should I upgrade to Superstar+?

Consider Superstar+ for better results.

If you're not showing signs of retinoid irritation, dryness and peeling, and have been using Superstar consistently for at least 12 weeks, upgrade to Superstar+ for better results.

I have sensitive skin and am new to retinoids. Which Superstar should I choose?

Both products are suitable for sensitive skin. If you are new to retinoids, start with Superstar. Use it for at least 12 weeks before upgrading to Superstar+.

Start with applying twice a week at night after cleansing, and build up frequency as your skin adapts.

How do I start incorporating a retinoid into my routine?

Begin with twice-weekly use at night

Adjust based on skin's reaction, aiming to increase frequency over time.

When will I see results?

1-2 months of consistent use

While some may notice improvements in their skin sooner, maintaining a consistent routine is crucial for seeing the full benefits of retinoids. Also, as your skin becomes accustomed to a certain concentration of retinoids and you start to see positive changes, it's important to consider upgrading to a higher concentration to continue making progress.

Will a night oil make my skin oilier?

Superstar and Superstar+ are designed to balance oil production, and combat excess oiliness.

Superstar and Superstar+ regulate oiliness. They are formulated with non-comedogenic natural oils that boost retinol efficacy and help the skin balance oil production.


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